Album release soon israel vibration

Reggae enthusiasts as well as die-hard Israel Vibration fans, it is time to rejoice! One of the most revered roots reggae bands, Israel Vibration, has finally announced the upcoming release of a brand-new album. While official details are still under wraps, it’s undoubtedly going to be packed with the powerful messages and infectious rhythms that Israel Vibration has been delivering for more than four decades.

A Brief History: From Humble Beginnings to Reggae Royalty

Originating in the late 1970s, Israel Vibration is a living testimony to the resilience and determination of its founding members, Cecil “Skelly” Spence and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin. Despite being affected by polio at a young age and growing up in poverty in Kingston, Jamaica, these two talented individuals triumphed over adversity and used their physical challenges as an inspiration to create music that transcended borders.

Their shared love for harmonies and Rastafarian beliefs paved the way for an incredible journey that birthed numerous albums starting with their debut release, “The Same Song” in 1978. Despite various line-up changes over the years, Israel Vibration has maintained its commitment to spreading love and positivity through their hypnotic tunes championing rights, justice and Rastafarian faith.

Fan Favorite Hits & Legacy

Some of the group’s most memorable songs include “There is No End”, “Strength of My Life”, “Cool and Calm”, “Reggae on the River” and “Rudeboy Shufflin'”, which have continued to captivate audiences around the world. In addition to their inimitable vocal harmonies, it is also worth noting how their lyrics address socio-political issues that remain relevant today. From inequality and discrimination to environmental degradation – this iconic band has never shied away from using its platform to rally for change while simultaneously uplifting listeners with sonic reminders of resilience.

Get Ready for an Album Release Like No Other

With numerous classics under their belt and a loyal following spanning generations, anticipation for Israel Vibration’s forthcoming album has reached fever-pitch. While no precise release date or track details have been announced yet, fans can expect a thought-provoking and spiritually uplifting experience.

Based on past albums such as “Ivory Towers”, “Praises” and “Fighting Soldiers,” this new project may feature collaborations with master musicians from Jamaica’s musical landscape. We may also see an amalgamation of enriching roots reggae served with doses of dancehall energy.

Undoubtedly, this album will capture the essence of why these reggae veterans are still hailed as trailblazers within the genre. There is no doubt that Skelly and Wiss will continue to deliver profound lyrical content infused with soul-stirring melodies wrapped up in an irresistible reggae package.

Preserving the Spirit of Roots Reggae in Modern Times

When considering the current scenario within music where trends evolve at a rapid pace – it’s essential to honor groups like Israel Vibration who have dedicated themselves not just to preserving but elevating roots reggae music. With their forthcoming album release, they will remind listeners worldwide about reggae’s capacity for initiating social change while providing solace during trying times.

As we await further details on Israel Vibration’s latest album release, prepare your souls for an immersive reggae experience that will leave your body swaying and your mind contemplative. And while we wait for more information on what is sure to be another classic offering from this beloved band – revisit their timeless discography drowning out life’s worries through the rhythms of authentic roots reggae.


Thousands of copies of the music album sold

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Israel vibration – where can i buy this music album?

If you’re a reggae aficionado, or anyone who appreciates the soulful blend of message and melody, you’ll have undoubtedly come across the name Israel Vibration. One of the most influential and impressive roots reggae groups to have emerged from Jamaica, Israel Vibration is an undisputed icon in the world of music. Their unique style and authentic sound have resonated with countless fans across the globe, but where can you get your hands on their incredible albums if you’ve been craving that soothing reggae experience?

In this blog, we will specifically discuss where and how to buy their albums, including their 1990 release, “Praises”, which has drawn a vast following due to its rich musicality and profound lyrics.

Israel Vibration – A Brief Background

Formed in 1975 by Cecil “Skelly” Spence, Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin, and Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig, Israel Vibration overcame several obstacles on their musical journey together. The trio first met at the Mona Rehabilitation Centre in Kingston, Jamaica while suffering from childhood polio. Despite physical challenges and societal stigmatization, they went on to create music that not only tapped into the essence of reggae but also delivered powerful messages of unity, spirituality, and perseverance.

Throughout their career, they’ve released over 15 studio albums and countless singles. Their highly acclaimed albums include The Same Song (1978), Why You So Craven (1982), Praises (1990), and Power of the Trinity (1996).

Where to Buy Israel Vibration’s Albums

With technology rapidly evolving over time, buying albums has become a lot easier than it was during the band’s heyday. Here are some options to add these masterpieces to your collection:

1. Physical CDs: If you’re a purist who loves tangible music formats, check local music stores or online retailers like Amazon or eBay for available CDs of Israel Vibration’s albums.

2. Digital Downloads: iTunes Store or Google Play offer an extensive range of digital downloads for Israel Vibration’s music. Simply search for their albums on these platforms and purchase them to have them instantly available on your devices.

3. Streaming Services: Subscribe to streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music to access Israel Vibration’s music catalog without buying each album individually. You can easily create playlists featuring your favorite tracks from the group or explore curated playlists on these platforms.

4. Vinyl Records: For vinyl enthusiasts looking for that nostalgic touch intertwined with modern ingenuity, visit specialized online stores such as Vinyl Me Please or Ernie B’s Reggae (also known as EBreggae). Several Israel Vibration vinyls are also available through Discogs.com – perfect for collectors seeking exclusive pressings.

5. Concerts & Festivals: Be sure to catch Israel Vibration live if the opportunity arises! Alongside absorbing an unmatched live experience filled with soul-stirring energy, purchasing merch at their shows often includes latest releases or special edition LPs.

Israel Vibration continues to spread its reggae vibrations all over the world with fans from every generation captivated by their heart-hitting tunes and timeless message. If you’re one of those admirers searching for ways to embed their music into your daily life or simply want a taste of that unmistakable reggae essence in your collection – the paths listed above should lead you towards musical enlightenment!

As we leave you on this note, remember that every album purchased helps support these extraordinary artists in perpetuating their legacy while nurturing a flame that commenced amidst adversity yet burned through international borders with grace and resilience unrivaled by many throughout history. Happy listening!


Israel vibration listen to these songs

Israel Vibration is a legitimate icon in the global reggae scene. Formed in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica in 1975, the group consists of Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin, Cecil “Skeleton” Spence, and Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig. Together, they have created some of the most powerful and moving roots reggae music and transcended physical disability to become towering figures in the genre.

Their captivating harmonies and uplifting messages possess a profound spirituality, blending with groovy tunes that leave you swaying to the rhythm. As a testament to their greatness, we’ve compiled a list of essential Israel Vibration songs for newcomers and longtime fans alike.

1. Rudeboy Shufflin (1995)

This top track featured in their seventh studio album ‘On The Rock’ is not just about its pulsating beat or catchy tune; it’s also a statement on social injustices in Jamaica. This song symbolizes Israel Vibration’s solidarity with marginalized people facing violence and discrimination by rejecting negativity and sinking into positivity.

2. Same Song (1978)

Entering the reggae scene with their timeless classic, ‘Same Song,’ was a turning point for Israel Vibration. The lyrics speak about their firm conviction in Rastafarianism even as they confront challenges while chasing their dreams. The unyielding spirit captured throughout this song truly reflects why they remain an inspiration to millions.

3. Strength of My Life (1990)

As one of their most popular tracks, ‘Strength of My Life’ represents a strong sense of hope and unwavering faith. With rich harmonies and smooth instrumentation, it showcases the trio’s lyrical dexterity and deep-rooted spirituality. This song should be at the top of your roots reggae playlist.

4. My Master’s Will (1997)

Featured on their ninth studio album, ‘Free To Move,’ this song carries you through an introspective journey with powerful lyrics emphasizing personal growth and overcoming obstacles on life’s path—drawing strength from one’s spirituality. Laden with an infectious groove and resonant vocals, it speaks directly to your soul.

5. Cool And Calm (1988)

Another standout from their fifth album ‘Praises,’ ‘Cool And Calm’ highlights the importance of embracing tranquility within oneself amid life’s chaos. The soothing melody and hypnotic harmonies justifiably verify its significance among fans as one that calms the storm within troubled hearts.

6. Red Eyes (1982)

This track showcases Israel Vibration’s authentic sound, conveying sentiments directed against social prejudice encountered by Rastafarians due to their physical appearance or religious beliefs. More than just an emotive song packed with tight harmonies, ‘Red Eyes’ remains relevant today as it addresses societal intolerance concerning diversity and acceptance.

7. There Is No End (2005)

Profoundly articulate in both message and melody, ‘There Is No End’ reflects upon life’s cyclical nature while contending with questions surrounding mortality and purpose—the spiritual journey taken within seeking peace during difficult times etches itself deeply within listeners’ minds.

Music transcends borders like no other art form can – Israel Vibration is evidence of that universality! Deep-rooted in culture, history and personal experience, these iconic songs wrap around your heart while calming agitated feelings within you. For avid roots reggae fans or new listeners hoping to expand their horizons with something genuine—this playlist is a perfect starting point.

Let these tunes become an integral part of your life as you hear them and embrace Israel Vibration’s rhythmic beat within your own vibrations—one play at a time! So get ready to sway, sing along or simply close your eyes as you allow yourself to be embraced by these heartwarming anthems — a testament to love, unity and humility through music!


Israel vibration released a new music album

The world has been anxiously awaiting new material from Israel Vibration – a legendary reggae band who has captured the hearts of music lovers globally for over 40 years. Best known for their distinct vocal harmonies, uplifting messages, and ground-breaking tunes, “Israel Vibration” has become synonymous with some of the most influential reggae music. Now, after a five-year hiatus, they have finally released their new album, and it promises to bring the same positive vibrations that have given them their well-earned reputation.

A Harmonious Comeback

After the release of their last album, “Play It Real,” in 2015, fans did not know what to expect next from Israel Vibration. Some wondered if they had called it a day after gracing various stages worldwide with their unforgettable performances. However, as proven members of reggae royalty, these veterans kept silent during this period – only causing even more anticipation for what came next.

The Rastafarian reggae singers Cecil “Skelly” Spence and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin had been working tirelessly on the latest album since their break – and judging by the calibre of tracks on this new offering – it was certainly worth the wait. With deep roots in Jamaican reggae culture and an unwavering dedication to delivering conscious messages through their lyrics, Israel Vibration’s latest album will undoubtedly satisfy the thirst of long time fans and intrigue new listeners.

A Message of Unity & Positivity

Israel Vibration has always been driven by a desire to inspire unity and positivity through their music. This mission is consistent in every aspect of their songs – from the authentic instrumental compositions to thought-provoking lyrics that speak directly to listeners’ souls. The band’s new album is no exception.

Every song on this album embodies the essence of the Rastafarian philosophy that has guided Israel Vibration throughout their career. These tenets are built around kindness, harmony, respect for humanity, spiritual awareness, resilience amidst challenges, and bravery in the face of adversity. The group continues to spread these values passionately in their latest work.

Notable Tracks

Some standout tracks from Israel Vibration’s new music album are worthy of special mention:

1. “Roots Rock Reggae”: Fans will instantly recognize the familiar rhythm spanning Israel Vibration’s entire discography. This track captures the signature sound and integrity we’ve come to love and expect from our beloved trio.

2. “One Love Revolution”: A call for unity amongst all people — advocating peace, love, understanding and respect within our societies.

3. “Songs I Sing”: A soulful ballad encapsulating how music can be used as a powerful tool in sharing uplifting thoughts from one person to many others.

Collaborations & Production

As with previous albums, Israel Vibration has collaborated with some of Jamaica’s most talented musicians on this latest project. Heavyweights like Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare lend their skills on drums and bass respectively – providing immense depth to each track and elevating them to new heights.

The production team behind the album also boasts some impressive names: Steven Stanley, Dean Fraser, Christopher Birch and Nigel Burrell – all experts at honing that traditional yet timeless soundscape we’ve come to expect from such a stellar act.

With all these exceptional collaborations combined with their unmistakable harmonic voices and spiritually-infused lyrics, Israel Vibration’s latest release will no doubt become another jewel in the crown of their illustrious career. As we navigate through these uncertain times globally, we require a healthy dose of inspiration and uplifting messages through music.

This new album is both a testament to the band’s longevity within an ever-evolving industry and an affirmation that there’s still plenty left for them to say – even after four decades on stage together. Let us continue supporting great talents such as Israel Vibration while cherishing them as esteemed ambassadors for the reggae genre – setting an example for future generations of musicians who follow in their footsteps.

So let us all catch these positive vibrations together. Here’s to many more years (and albums) from this undeniably iconic group!