Israel vibration released a new music album

Israel Vibration, the iconic roots reggae trio, recently released their latest and ninth full-length studio album entitled Play It Real. The new music album is the result of a creative process that has spanned two decades in the making.

Formed in Jamaica in 1975 by Cecil “Skeleton” Spence, Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig, and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin, Israel Vibration set out to create a unique style of music influenced by American R&B, early Jamaican ska, and rocksteady. Almost immediately upon their debut on the local reggae scene, Israel Vibration quickly gained notoriety from both critics and fans alike for their impeccable lyrical flow and unmistakable harmonies.

Their first album called The Same Song was released in 1979 and was an instant classic. In subsequent years they have managed to constantly keep up with current trends of Reggae/Dancehall music while still delivering a thought-provoking message about oppression and injustice. The same spirit lives on with Play It Real as it marks the return of this legendary group to modern audiences after several years away from recording studios worldwide.

The album was co-produced by Hellgate Production’s ever talented Gotz Manei; who has also worked with many top acts such as Collie Buddz, Busy Signal, Gentleman and Turbulence over the years. From its very opening track it is clear that fans are going to be in for an enjoyable journey through powerful vocal sentiments alongside hard hitting drums beats intertwined within an array of various soundscapes which allude to traditional dub production techniques so often associated with legendary Jamaican acts like Burning Spear and Lee Perry (The Upsetter).

Overall what sets this record apart from other contemporary releases within its genre is its consistent vibe also known as ‘Roots & Culture’ which stands for achieving redemption through personal growth spiritually as well as socially; something which is silenced far too often in this day and age when much sensimilli oriented music holds predominance over Reggae airwaves worldwide. With strong messages about turning away from bad influences into something better it’s safe to say that these three veterans have most certainly not gone soft during their prolonged hiatus from releasing material regularly; quite on the contrary this is overall one of their strongest offerings throughout their entire body of work.

Play It Real features twelve tracks with five original productions plus seven rerecorded works taken from various stages throughout Israel Vibration’s evolution including vintage jewels such as “Reggae Rock,” “Little Amount,” “Gun Trade,”and two extended versions -of “Free To Move” & “Pay Day.” Tracks that you can listen here: https://www.soundunwound.com/sp/israel-vibration/play-it-real

All positive vibes aside there are also songs like “Dont Deal With Folly” which addresses social issues directly concerning a lack government accountability & oppression placed especially upon disadvantaged communities by people linked with mob type organizations who use intimidation tactics etc… Musically speaking nothing can be found faulting with the smooth tight bass lines twisting between beautifully crafted melodies blending seamlessly throughout each song ,while Apple Gabriel vocals soar effortlessly above hypnotizing drums grooves painted majestically along backdrops featuring lush synth lines electronics added during recordings at Gotz Manei’s Swiss HQ studios located high within Central Alps mountains richly adding depth underneath tasteful instrumental arrangements developed while working alongside assistance programs such as UNICEF & charity ACET Pro Africa helping those struggling facing difficulties throughout Africa region globally.

In conclusion we see that once again Israel Vibartion have demonstrated just why they were unanimously hailed by international media outlets throughout late 70s / 80s era infusing Roots Rock Reggae musical output at highest level – masterfully generating timeless heartfelt tracks , pulsating rhythms branching off legacy stretching far along timeline associated authentic genre . Definitely recommended picking up ‘Play It Real’ now available on iTunes Store digital download options.