Israel vibration released a new music album

The world has been anxiously awaiting new material from Israel Vibration – a legendary reggae band who has captured the hearts of music lovers globally for over 40 years. Best known for their distinct vocal harmonies, uplifting messages, and ground-breaking tunes, “Israel Vibration” has become synonymous with some of the most influential reggae music. Now, after a five-year hiatus, they have finally released their new album, and it promises to bring the same positive vibrations that have given them their well-earned reputation.

A Harmonious Comeback

After the release of their last album, “Play It Real,” in 2015, fans did not know what to expect next from Israel Vibration. Some wondered if they had called it a day after gracing various stages worldwide with their unforgettable performances. However, as proven members of reggae royalty, these veterans kept silent during this period – only causing even more anticipation for what came next.

The Rastafarian reggae singers Cecil “Skelly” Spence and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin had been working tirelessly on the latest album since their break – and judging by the calibre of tracks on this new offering – it was certainly worth the wait. With deep roots in Jamaican reggae culture and an unwavering dedication to delivering conscious messages through their lyrics, Israel Vibration’s latest album will undoubtedly satisfy the thirst of long time fans and intrigue new listeners.

A Message of Unity & Positivity

Israel Vibration has always been driven by a desire to inspire unity and positivity through their music. This mission is consistent in every aspect of their songs – from the authentic instrumental compositions to thought-provoking lyrics that speak directly to listeners’ souls. The band’s new album is no exception.

Every song on this album embodies the essence of the Rastafarian philosophy that has guided Israel Vibration throughout their career. These tenets are built around kindness, harmony, respect for humanity, spiritual awareness, resilience amidst challenges, and bravery in the face of adversity. The group continues to spread these values passionately in their latest work.

Notable Tracks

Some standout tracks from Israel Vibration’s new music album are worthy of special mention:

1. “Roots Rock Reggae”: Fans will instantly recognize the familiar rhythm spanning Israel Vibration’s entire discography. This track captures the signature sound and integrity we’ve come to love and expect from our beloved trio.

2. “One Love Revolution”: A call for unity amongst all people — advocating peace, love, understanding and respect within our societies.

3. “Songs I Sing”: A soulful ballad encapsulating how music can be used as a powerful tool in sharing uplifting thoughts from one person to many others.

Collaborations & Production

As with previous albums, Israel Vibration has collaborated with some of Jamaica’s most talented musicians on this latest project. Heavyweights like Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare lend their skills on drums and bass respectively – providing immense depth to each track and elevating them to new heights.

The production team behind the album also boasts some impressive names: Steven Stanley, Dean Fraser, Christopher Birch and Nigel Burrell – all experts at honing that traditional yet timeless soundscape we’ve come to expect from such a stellar act.

With all these exceptional collaborations combined with their unmistakable harmonic voices and spiritually-infused lyrics, Israel Vibration’s latest release will no doubt become another jewel in the crown of their illustrious career. As we navigate through these uncertain times globally, we require a healthy dose of inspiration and uplifting messages through music.

This new album is both a testament to the band’s longevity within an ever-evolving industry and an affirmation that there’s still plenty left for them to say – even after four decades on stage together. Let us continue supporting great talents such as Israel Vibration while cherishing them as esteemed ambassadors for the reggae genre – setting an example for future generations of musicians who follow in their footsteps.

So let us all catch these positive vibrations together. Here’s to many more years (and albums) from this undeniably iconic group!