Album release soon israel vibration

Israel Vibration — the iconic roots rock duo from Kingston, Jamaica — has announced their upcoming album release. The much-anticipated new project is scheduled to hit stores in early 2018 and will mark the first full-length album by the musical legendarians since 2012’s ‘On the Rock’.

The band, originally made up of vocalists Skelly and Apple Gabriel, have become known for their passionate message of peace and love, something which has been incredibly relevant throughout history but particularly so with the passing of particular social events and in light of recent tragedy.

It seems only fitting then that their latest offering should bring together lyrics tackling political issues past and present, combined with melodic harmonies to create a powerful movement of understanding in modern culture. Alongside an exploration into our current environment comes a celebration of Israel Vibrations’ vast catalogue as it reaches back over 40 years to give us classic hits such as ‘Rude Boy Shufflin’, ‘One Love Jamdown’ and ‘Run Come Call Me’ — These groundbreaking songs have created unifying moments across continents and have earned them the respect enjoyed among fans today.

Speaking about their upcoming album release frontman Skelly said he was “looking forward to sharing this collection of songs with our beloved fans. Though produced with a modern take on our traditional roots reggae sound, this record marks a return to our lyrical missions about rebellion against injustice.” He also teased that there will be guest appearances on the album including U Roy – another legendary Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist who is one of Israel Vibration key connections within the music industry – an immersive element which will add yet another dimension to their journey through sound.

Higher Line Records founder Harper Hug said: “This release captures some of Israel Vibration’s timeless messages carried by inspiring melodies – delivered with precision performance – coming together in a warm inviting production style perfectly suited for both home listening or festival performances worldwide.”

The eagerly anticipated new record promises to be filled with conscious lyrics that aim to build awareness around global authority issues alongside fresh collaborations challenging popular thought and having strong messages concerning environmental matters – everything from gender empowerment movements through to weapon disarmament stances can be expected from these founding fathers of Roots Reggae Music.