Album release soon israel vibration

Israel Vibration — the iconic roots rock duo from Kingston, Jamaica — has announced their upcoming album release. The much-anticipated new project is scheduled to hit stores in early 2018 and will mark the first full-length album by the musical legendarians since 2012’s ‘On the Rock’.

The band, originally made up of vocalists Skelly and Apple Gabriel, have become known for their passionate message of peace and love, something which has been incredibly relevant throughout history but particularly so with the passing of particular social events and in light of recent tragedy.

It seems only fitting then that their latest offering should bring together lyrics tackling political issues past and present, combined with melodic harmonies to create a powerful movement of understanding in modern culture. Alongside an exploration into our current environment comes a celebration of Israel Vibrations’ vast catalogue as it reaches back over 40 years to give us classic hits such as ‘Rude Boy Shufflin’, ‘One Love Jamdown’ and ‘Run Come Call Me’ — These groundbreaking songs have created unifying moments across continents and have earned them the respect enjoyed among fans today.

Speaking about their upcoming album release frontman Skelly said he was “looking forward to sharing this collection of songs with our beloved fans. Though produced with a modern take on our traditional roots reggae sound, this record marks a return to our lyrical missions about rebellion against injustice.” He also teased that there will be guest appearances on the album including U Roy – another legendary Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist who is one of Israel Vibration key connections within the music industry – an immersive element which will add yet another dimension to their journey through sound.

Higher Line Records founder Harper Hug said: “This release captures some of Israel Vibration’s timeless messages carried by inspiring melodies – delivered with precision performance – coming together in a warm inviting production style perfectly suited for both home listening or festival performances worldwide.”

The eagerly anticipated new record promises to be filled with conscious lyrics that aim to build awareness around global authority issues alongside fresh collaborations challenging popular thought and having strong messages concerning environmental matters – everything from gender empowerment movements through to weapon disarmament stances can be expected from these founding fathers of Roots Reggae Music.


Thousands of copies of the music album sold

The music industry erupted into excitement last week with the news that thousands of copies of the new album from world-renowned artist InterAvox had been sold in the space of a few days. Such achievement has not been seen for many years and showcases the immense talent and hard work that went into creating this record.

InterAvox are one of the most popular groups in their genre, having had several hit singles on the radio and millions watching their chart-topping video clips online. Across five albums they have built up a devoted fan base, many of whom have been eagerly anticipating news of the release date this latest effort.

The ‘CH2: Releasement’ album was released online at midnight a few days ago, sent straight to digital stores by its label Universal Records to make sure ardent fans did not miss out on becoming some of the first people to own it. While word spread about this news, physical CDs were also being printed in preparation for sale around Europe and North America.

It didn’t take long after unleashing CH2 before InterAvox started achieving success; within its first 48 hours on iTunes, it reached number nine in Germany’s album chart as well as number three in Finland – just two examples among many showing how popular they remain across different countries where other peaking chart positions such as UK Top 40 were also achieved by fan buying power alone. Amazingly enough, between streamers like Spotify and listeners buying downloads or CD purchases directly, InterAvox managed to rack up an incredible 11 thousand sales overall in one week alone! A feat surpassed only by those most iconic names like Madonna or U2 themselves. Attempts to contact lead singer Olly Thomas were unfortunately unsuccessful but assured excited responses from both publicists and fans alike can be expected once details regarding upcoming tour dates (it is rumoured) become public knowledge soonest.

This is proof that interest in musical acts like InterAvox remains as strong today as ever although it has certainly lessened for many other forms like Rock bands who did not transition into digital with nearly as much enthusiasm since file-sharing disrupted such plans nearly a decade ago now. So while still embracing diversity with singles such as ‘You Wear It Well’, ‘Waited Too Long’ or even more progressive material ‘Hasta La Vista Fiesta’, their focus consequently veered away from traditional means until breakthrough singles made sure they returned safe atop rankings where they belong properly equipped to tackle increasing competition ahead including bigger budgets being assigned towards marketing campaigns thereonwards – The team at Universal Records are surely celebrating right now!

Such success ought to send out multiple positive messages to similar artists trying any way rightfully so this time round across related labels also; we wish them nothing but good luck too looking forward — After All, monumental steps like these pave paths for future generations’ potential success stories too!


Israel vibration – where can i buy this music album?

Israel Vibration is one of the most iconic and influential reggae bands in history. Since 1976, this popular Jamaican band has been entertaining fans with their unique take on roots reggae, dub and dancehall music. With a wide array of releases spanning multiple decades, their sound has influenced numerous other acts and continues to inspire music-lovers from across the globe.

For those that want to get their hands on some of Israel Vibration’s incredibly soulful tunes, there are now a number of options available. From digital downloads to physical records, we can look at some of the ways you can purchase Israel Vibration’s recordings.

Digital: If you’re looking for an easy way to listen to Israel Vibration’s albums wherever you are, then your best bet might be to buy their music digitally. A quick search on sites like iTunes or Spotify will turn up multiple albums in various formats such as MP3, AAC and WAV file types. It’s worth checking out each store individually in order to gain the access which suits you best – the iTunes store provides album bundles with its own specific bonus material, while Amazon Music offers both rental and permanent download options depending upon individual choice. Additionally streaming services provide great flexibility; some offer a free trial period (e.g three months on Apple Music or two/three months for new customers with Tidal) making it possible to test out many different ongoing promotions before ultimately committing to one particular service permanently if desired.

Physical: The traditional route enjoys growing popularity in making sure the music doesn’t vanish once the internet connection does – enter ‘real’ records! Going down this road doesn’t require any form of membership or subscription and after investing upfront your records won’t suddenly disappear as part licensing restrictions that come bundled with many fixed digital services around today meaning unless damages occur during transport/storage/handlethemusic lasts forever hassle-free! Fans who are looking for authenticity may opt for original releases being sold through various stores still offering catalogue vinyls (usually considered by some purists as being superior sound quality) alongside reissue pressings now produced again fueling resurgence among enthusiasts everywhere however they come more expensive than general labele offeringsbut still remain cheaper than digital subscribtions over time – moreover don’t forget collectibles & limited editions sometimes lauchded straight by record companines themselves usuallyharder encountered butnot impossibleto find via digging tripstores every now & then [vintage etc].

Music2go: You’ve seen it on TV; but what exactly is Music2go? Suffice it say that it transcends mere physical media already discussed above! First off it involves price tags much much lowerundercutting bigcompeting players [amazon/itunes] so budget consciousbuyers may benefitfrom huge savings over basepricepoints secondly users dont need to face hassle regarding renewed subscritionsper month leading towaste time/resources instead they simple purchase packsamounting less overall therebywhile also enjoying freedomfrom data traffic limits keepingall thier listening habits squared away nice & tidy saving them headaches whenfartisteliminateback catalog due copyrightsor licenses expiring after all Music2go samplers even let people trydiscsout first no need payingretainability elading savings memberships certainlyoffer beyond actual cost purchasing singles….plus directly fromlabel sales outlets completethepicture eversince apareance few years ago trendopen ups retailers partnering DJs attemping privide audianceswith smorgasbordofferingwhich could potentially generate far much greater profits product exchanges rather than stagnant mainstream methods superseding flawed modernindustry imbalaces result.


Israel vibration listen to these songs

Israel Vibration has been blessing reggae fans the world over with their soulful, rootsy sound since 1975. Their humane lyrics, smooth vocals and uplifting riddims have transcended time and culture to make them one of Jamaica’s most successful musical acts.

Formed by four young friends in Kingston, Jamaica facing hardships due to disability, Israel Vibration has always represented perseverance and resilience for the people. With their iconic dreadlocks and humble yet proud message of faith, hope, love and struggle, they have touched many hearts throughout the island and far beyond its shores.

The trio’s debut album Why You So Craven was released in 1978 on Yearwood Records. Spawning hits such as “Strength of My Life” and “Herbsman Hustling” while maintaining a strong Rastafarian vibe throughout the entirety of the LP. They follow-up up with Wadadasow in 1981 before signing to Island Records in 1983, which then saw the release of the critically acclaimed Unconquered People later that same year — showcasing a slightly more dancehall production style than previous releases while keeping intact their characteristic vocal melodies and harmonies.
Currently heralded as reggae ambassadors to the world, Israel Vibration continue to spread their positive message through each new project. Over five decades after forming, Wisdon Livingston (Albert Craig), Cecil Spence (Apple Gabriel) & Lascelle Bulgin (Skelly Pottinger) still manage to give us spiritually empowering music that can fill any hall or studio with vibration .

If you’re unfamiliar with (or just itching for some more!) Israel Vibration anthems , here are five essential tunes you need to dive into:
1. “Why You So Craven” – From their debut album Why You So Craven this anthem captures Israel Vibration inner strength messages in song form perfectly with beautiful gentle vocals backed by Roots Radics heavy riddim track perfectly intertwining life struggles with faith filling words : “So much tribulation too hard stand alone /I thy protection me must find […] The Lord is my shephard I do not fear / For his mercy mercy shall endure forevermore.”
2.”Rude Boy Shufflin'” – Not your typical love song but rather an ode on a hustler-type character who will “elbow everybody off the block just so he could get a lick” but at that heart looks out for his own people walking through life trials even when errring on wickedness side . This tune written about 1970’s uptown Kingston was also featured alongside Dennis Brown’s sampled voice on Major Lazers hit 2012 single titled “Get Free”.

3.”Cool And Calm” – A classic from 1988 album Likkle But Tuff this mid-tempo rare groove anthem voiced abive upbeat horns section reminds us that hardship just needs be embrased until our breakthrough true nature comes forth. In hindsight , this classic reggae blend between tight percussion arrangements plus peaceful melodic flugelhorn dominate horn section underlinely echo 1980 US election in which Barack Obama soon-to-be future president father plead against discrimination and promote a path of peace ignoring courageously war mongering propaganda led by Ronald Reagan famous slogan : “Make America Great Again”. Still echoing today!

4.”Pay The Piper”- Addressing poverty issues coming out of Kingston ghettos while celebrating a clear mind despite surroundings corruption hardiness , Judah Eskender Tafari handpicked track took advantage recently put together raggamuffin group aggregation The Tribesmen label 1986 single credited only as “Israelites”.

5.”Unconquered People” – Title cut from 1983 acclaimeld album Unconcured people this conscious roots number got them some attention from Island records who sign them up following same year release making them step up amongst rocksteady giants like Alton Ellis or Jimmy Cliff . Also talking about getting guidance from above when shallow marchers trample old paths preconiczed before : There will always remain unconquered spirit even where mundane rules prevail “We are unconquered people born upon your breast / We scorn Babylon for we know what’s best.” Also sampled around 2013 French electro dub outfit Zion Train remix from Isreal Vibrations tune include on 2011 Stamp Out Racism EP helping create influential dancehall flyer easily jumping back between heavy bredrin bass lines moved along original deep drum arragements giving everyone unique version wich still stands powerful today !

From classics See Them A Come (1975) to Feel Irie (2020) via Don’t Trouble Trouble(1991 )& Dancehall Tactics(2000) , Israel Vibration sure blessed us throughout years taking rootical journey no matter era ! Despite current global climate disruption we should all listen back these tunes reminding us what is really importannt such promising lyrics : “Painless agony sleeping inna mass grave/ Dancing on fortuna is make me still brave


Israel vibration released a new music album

Israel Vibration, the iconic roots reggae trio, recently released their latest and ninth full-length studio album entitled Play It Real. The new music album is the result of a creative process that has spanned two decades in the making.

Formed in Jamaica in 1975 by Cecil “Skeleton” Spence, Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig, and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin, Israel Vibration set out to create a unique style of music influenced by American R&B, early Jamaican ska, and rocksteady. Almost immediately upon their debut on the local reggae scene, Israel Vibration quickly gained notoriety from both critics and fans alike for their impeccable lyrical flow and unmistakable harmonies.

Their first album called The Same Song was released in 1979 and was an instant classic. In subsequent years they have managed to constantly keep up with current trends of Reggae/Dancehall music while still delivering a thought-provoking message about oppression and injustice. The same spirit lives on with Play It Real as it marks the return of this legendary group to modern audiences after several years away from recording studios worldwide.

The album was co-produced by Hellgate Production’s ever talented Gotz Manei; who has also worked with many top acts such as Collie Buddz, Busy Signal, Gentleman and Turbulence over the years. From its very opening track it is clear that fans are going to be in for an enjoyable journey through powerful vocal sentiments alongside hard hitting drums beats intertwined within an array of various soundscapes which allude to traditional dub production techniques so often associated with legendary Jamaican acts like Burning Spear and Lee Perry (The Upsetter).

Overall what sets this record apart from other contemporary releases within its genre is its consistent vibe also known as ‘Roots & Culture’ which stands for achieving redemption through personal growth spiritually as well as socially; something which is silenced far too often in this day and age when much sensimilli oriented music holds predominance over Reggae airwaves worldwide. With strong messages about turning away from bad influences into something better it’s safe to say that these three veterans have most certainly not gone soft during their prolonged hiatus from releasing material regularly; quite on the contrary this is overall one of their strongest offerings throughout their entire body of work.

Play It Real features twelve tracks with five original productions plus seven rerecorded works taken from various stages throughout Israel Vibration’s evolution including vintage jewels such as “Reggae Rock,” “Little Amount,” “Gun Trade,”and two extended versions -of “Free To Move” & “Pay Day.” Tracks that you can listen here: https://www.soundunwound.com/sp/israel-vibration/play-it-real

All positive vibes aside there are also songs like “Dont Deal With Folly” which addresses social issues directly concerning a lack government accountability & oppression placed especially upon disadvantaged communities by people linked with mob type organizations who use intimidation tactics etc… Musically speaking nothing can be found faulting with the smooth tight bass lines twisting between beautifully crafted melodies blending seamlessly throughout each song ,while Apple Gabriel vocals soar effortlessly above hypnotizing drums grooves painted majestically along backdrops featuring lush synth lines electronics added during recordings at Gotz Manei’s Swiss HQ studios located high within Central Alps mountains richly adding depth underneath tasteful instrumental arrangements developed while working alongside assistance programs such as UNICEF & charity ACET Pro Africa helping those struggling facing difficulties throughout Africa region globally.

In conclusion we see that once again Israel Vibartion have demonstrated just why they were unanimously hailed by international media outlets throughout late 70s / 80s era infusing Roots Rock Reggae musical output at highest level – masterfully generating timeless heartfelt tracks , pulsating rhythms branching off legacy stretching far along timeline associated authentic genre . Definitely recommended picking up ‘Play It Real’ now available on iTunes Store digital download options.